Four belt trends for SS 2016

We hope that 2015 has started out well for you! For us, the fresh year is an opportunity to discover a variety of inspirations for our new belt designs. Have you already designed the leather accessories for your SS 2016 collection?

Ready for the summer of ’16?

We carefully hand-picked 4 interesting trends coming up for the new summer season. We hope this inspires you to create the right accessory for your collection. Let us know how we can become your partner in private labelling!

belt painted


Hand-painted leather belts create a unique touch. The choice of colors is completely personalized. Mix and match them to complement your collection. This original style shows originality and craftsmanship.



belt lasercut


Simple, geometric, floral or crazy – lasercutting makes all sorts of designs possible! You can choose from in-house designs or provide your own. You can work with an all-over pattern or just emphasize small details.



belt guld


Apply unique metal parts to define the character of your belt. Choose from studs, stones, buckles, and much more. Shiny light gold, pink copper, and gunmetal are the current favorites. But matt varnish to create ton-sur-ton effects  also works well.





Belts show up in a number of many different outfits. They are much liked in the neo-70’s trend that we’re seeing on the catwalks. Belts work well well over skirts and tunic dresses. For men of course, they are always the essential must-have.


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