How we work

Depending on the type of belt, we use either calfs leather, cow leather or kidskin. The hides of these animals are of European origin, in accordance with our quality standards. We work exclusively with Italian tanneries, that likewise adhere to our quality norms. There are countless types of leather on the market, to create every look & feel possible. You can pick from full grain leathers, split leathers, printed hides, suedes, synthetic leather, fabric, elastic ribbon, canvas, etc…

There are manifold techniques in the leather trade. Depending on the style you want you can choose from: bombatura, vintage wash § tumble, studding, knurling, in-house hand-dying or drum-dying, embroidery, plated webbing, etc…

Buckles and metal accessories
We keep a series of commonly used buckles in stock to accommodate quick productions for ready-to-wear fashion collections.  On top of that, we develop personalized buckles for private label customers. Metal accessories can be varnished in various ways: glossy, semi-shiny, matt, metallic, satin finish, rubberized, etc. But you can also opt to utilise plastic, wood, bamboo, rhinestones, Swaroski crystals, ceramic, or other materials. Semi-precious materials such as brass, silver and even gold are also available. We guarantee that our accessories are 100% nickel free and Made in Italy. Our clients personalize their styles by adding laser etching and metal labels.

Minimum quantities
Depending on the belt style and the preferred leather, minimum quantities can vary anywhere between 36 and 1000 pieces per style per color. Low minimum quantities are attractive to smaller designer collections. At the same time we serve large, international brands that produce up to 5000 pieces per style. Our factory can cater to both large and small, short-term and long-term deliveries, guaranteeing a high quality output at all times.

Lead times
We can deliver whatever you need, as fast as you need it. A prototype in 48 hours? A sample collection in 1 week? A production of 5000 pieces in 2 weeks? We can do all of that. Yet there are many conditions for such a swift delivery. We depend on the availability of raw materials, such as metal parts  and leathers. If we have everything in house, we produce fast. Especially when speed of delivery is more important than any other aspect, i.e. in the prototyping phase. That’s why we work closely with each customer to understand exactly what the priorities are.