Last couple of ideas for FW 2016


Many of us are finalising the FW 2016 collections. Most decisions have been taken, but we know from experience that a bit of extra inspiration never hurts. You never know, maybe exactly the idea that you were looking for pops into your mailbox today.

What’s trending?

We keep our eyes open in the real and in the virtual world. Here are a couple of recurring themes that we’ve been noticing. Let us know if we’ve inspired you and if we can help develop your leather accessories!
Wide belts_edited-1Wide leather belts can no longer be ignored. Even more remarkable is that the wide belts we’ve been making are really eye-catching. Whether it’s the type of leather or the unique details, the wide belts are made to attract attention to the waistline.
Mens_edited-1Tunnel loop as an alternative to the standard size leather loop through which to pass the belt tail is an interesting detail for pants belts. Next to that, we offer a myriad of other ways to spark up a belt tail, as out pictures show. You can change the color of the tip, you can loop the whole tail back through the belt or you can fill it with studs. Just to name a few options.

metal accessories_edited-1

An eye for metal accessories. We’ve been working with buckles and other metal parts, recombining them to create new styles. Sometimes a new take on traditional items can turn a belt into something dashing. As long as you have an eye for novel items and a keen imagination, as we do, the possibilities are endless.

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