Three fresh belts for FW 2016

141374-M009The cold is starting to be felt and this helps us keep the ideas flowing for the FW 2016 collections. Today we share with you some some images and styles that make our heart beat faster for what’s coming up next season.

What’s trending?

Here are some ideas we’re working with. We hope this inspires you to create the right accessory for your collection. Let us know how we can become your partner in private labelling!
black plaits_edited-1Unisex leather belts keep going strong. The colors are mostly basic blacks, browns and tans. The textures are rich, such as plaits and studs. We particularly like the extra long belt tail. You can choose to tuck it in or let it hang loose, like on the picture.
man _edited-1Heavy duty is the name of this game. The style can be wide or thin, for both men and women. Key here is the color black with very particular details, such as exclusive studs or cotton laces.
oval belt_edited-2Oval buckles are very classic, you’re thinking. But sometimes less is more, as is the case with styles like these. A sober oval buckle leaves room for other subtle elements of a belt. You can work with ‘bombé’ techniques, or with luxurious leathers such as authentic eel skin.

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