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We’re leather craftsmen and we’re passionate about beauty. We manufacture leather belts for women and men and collaborate with international brands to share our love for Italian manufactured products.
  • Superlative quality: We are skilled craftsmen and never settle for a product that does not meet our standards of workmanship.
  • Fantastically flexible: We are a tight-knit family and a superbly responsive team. We are extremely versatile in catering to the needs of each our customers.
  • Competent communication: We are at your service, whenever you need us. For the status of your production, for a price quotation or for sourcing a new product, we guarantee you that we’ll answer you clearly, honestly and quickly.
  • Skilful private labelling: You’ll have no worries when you work with us for your customised collection. We keep track of your target prices, the styling requirements, the sampling process, the desired quality, the delivery terms… we don’t forget anything and we keep you informed appropriately.
  • Fine design and innovation: We are up-to-date with directions in fashion through tireless research and constant sourcing. This keeps us ahead of the trends.