What we do

Private labelling
We produce an in-house belt collection every season. We also help others create personalized accessories. Working closely with our customer’s design department, we ensure style requirements and price targets are met. Sampling and production can be based on the client’s prototype or design, or alternatively one can choose from the many in-house designs we offer.

Future trends
When designing new styles, we examine each detail seriously and we make careful choices. Beauty is in the details. Moreover, innovation is the true trademark of exceptional design. That’s why we constantly research new materials and novel trends.

Delivery from stock
As a manufacturer we have complete control of the productive cycle, from cutting and assembling, to dyeing, sewing and finishing, all the way over to packing and handling. This way we can offer highly customized products and satisfy our client’s expectation of short-terms deliveries, such as “ready-to-wear” fashion items. Flexibility is our key characteristic, with which we guarantee the best offer in terms of product, price and lead times.

Custom packaging
We pack and handle the orders according to our customer’s request. This can vary from simple hangtags and barcodes, to complete pre-packing for delivery to multiple channels, and customized printed boxes.

Quality control
Because we are detail-oriented, we take particular care to select only the finest quality in raw materials. Once production is completed, all belts are finished by hand and checked one by one before packing. This ensures an optimal delivery to our customer’s warehouse.